Bob's Bee Service

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We offer an alternative for the "little guy" to complete their tasks. No one has the money or time to rent equipment or pay a huge contractor bill for a single little job. Trenching, dirt removal/spreading, manure hauling or gravel/sand...no job too small.

Prices are very competitive and made to meet your budget. Just call or email to see how we can get your job done!

Honey Bee removal

Swarms, tree cluster, and outdoor locations

We will remove honey bee's from your yard, property, and external of buildings and structures. These type of removals usually are not to intrusive to your home or storage areas. But, that does not mean that the swarm may not move into those areas and begin to look for a new place to roost.

As with any bee removal, attempting a removal often results in many bees flying (sometimes swarming) around the area of collection. This can be dangerous to some and should not be attempted without proper tools and equipment.

Cutout removal

Cut away or remove building materials to gain access to bees

This type of removal can be long, tedious, and sometimes dangerous. The best thing to do is to remove the bees from under your porch, out of walls, rafters, and structural support areas. Removal is a process that cuts into siding, wall board, flooring and such. There are other methods that may be applied before cutting or creating damage. 

Every incident that bees find a way into a small tight space presents different problems. Cutting may not be the only method to be applied. The goal is to capture the bees, so using poison or other solutions to kill the bees is not involved in any of these processes.